Young Women Value Bookmarks :: Freebie!

Here are some bookmarks for you to print. I made a guess on what the Virtue scripture and theme is based on the letter sent out (not an official guess!). Check back later for when the Virtue value is updated with the official version. 🙂

Just click on the image below to enlarge and then right click (save image as…). Fits on American and European sized paper. Enjoy!

I ask 2 things if you use these:

  1. Leave a comment and say where you’re from! It’s fun to see who is using these.
  2. Respect the copyright terms, as you usually do.


Want these large and on fabric for your YW room? Check out the store.


~ by Know Your Lemons on January 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Young Women Value Bookmarks :: Freebie!”

  1. I LOVE these! Great job! Thanks for coming up with such a cute way to display the YW Theme!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I love when I find someone sweet enough to share their talents with others like me who don’t have any! haha

  3. Thank you so much. I am giving one to each girl once a month. The Mountain Home Idaho girls loved them!!!

  4. You do beautiful work. We are re-doing our YW room and hope to use your work (have to coordinate/get approval from 4 wards so it takes a bit).

    For the bookmarks, I printed them out and the wording is a little blurry, especially when I enlarge to fit on an 8.5 x 11″ paper (landscape orientation). But they still a little “not crisp” when I leave the size alone.

    Is this something you can do on your end? Maybe higer resolution of the imgage you post for download?

    Thanks for your beautiful work and willingess to share.


  5. Hi Jan, thanks for the compliment!

    I think why the text is fuzzy is because you are downloading the low resolution image instead of the high resolution one?

    For the high resolution one, make sure that you click on the image above (it will take you to a new page with only the image on it) then drag the image to your desktop or right-click “save image as…” and that should work!

  6. Fabulous design work!! I will definitely offer these bookmarks up as an idea for our Young Women here in Henderson, Nevada. Thanks.

  7. What a cool blog you have! Thanks for sharing these great resources.

  8. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing. SLC, UT

  9. I am very impressed. I have forwarded your link to our YW president. I hope she uses your ideas. West Valley City, UT

  10. Hello, I live in Portugal, Congratulations, this site is incredible. Do they have something in Portuguese?

  11. Beautiful! Thanks from La Verkin, Utah.

  12. these are beautiful! thank you for sharing.
    [san diego]

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