Young Women Opening Exercises :: Freebie!

In my Young Womens room we’ve got a basket of these cards. I just hand a card to the girl conducting that day and she makes the assignments…um I mean well in advance of the day. 😉 It makes getting started just a little more organised.

Here is a sheet of opening exercise cards that you can print out, cut and have on hand to make organising the start of Young Womens a snap. Works great in black and white too, because most of us would just use the copier.

I realise not everyone would have a closing prayer or song all together, so just use a little white-out on it before you copy them and you’ve got extra room for announcements. Just drag and drop to your desktop and print away!

I ask 2 things if you use these:

  1. Leave a comment and say where you’re from! It’s fun to see who is using these.
  2. Respect the copyright terms, as you usually do.


~ by Know Your Lemons on January 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Young Women Opening Exercises :: Freebie!”

  1. Great ideas!! Thanks, I’m from Salida, Ca and I am the YW Secretary.
    Thank you,

  2. Very cute stuff! My mom is in the Young Womens and know she’ll love your ideas! We live in Utah by the way!

  3. i am new to this blog, and love your ideas! thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! i am unable the find the opening exercises freebie, has that been removed? thank you again for your wonderful ideas!!! TX.

    • Thanks Julie for letting me know the opening exercise sheet was unavailable, I’ve fixed the problem and it’s now up! Thank you everyone for such lovely comments!!!

  4. I love your ideas and designs. I’m from Raytown, Missouri.

  5. HI, great stuff! I am YW Pres, SLC, UT

  6. just found you… loving your style! thank you for sharing.
    [san diego]

  7. I just stumbled across your YW banner and I’m just checking out the rest and love it! I am a 1st counselor in YW Pres.,Apache Junction, AZ

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